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Hello, my name is Haris

and I am a trainer, specialized in body
makeovers, with years of experience.

Do I need a personal trainer?

My answer is definitely yes. The only question you have to ask yourself is if I am the best choice for you and whether you think my program is worth your time and money.

Introductory meeting

To make your decision as easy as possible and with minimum risk, I am offering you a free introductory session.

Free testing

We will carry out free testing and measurements of body composition.

30% discount

During the first week of training I am offering you a discount in the amount of 30%!

Some exercises to get you started!

What others say about me?


Polona Gosar Ranković

We accepted Haris into our team a year ago. During this time I had the opportunity to know him not only as a trainer but also as a person. It is my opinion that the work of a personal trainer requires a good attitude towards customers in addition to knowledge.
Haris is professional, accessible and always ready to satisfy the customer – of course within the limits that enable the achievement of the goal. He has varied clients that stick with him and by that they are also fulfilling their goals ..


Boštjan Udovič

Haris is the man. Always in a good mood, smiling, and ready to repeat a hundred times the exercise being done at the moment. He has a lot of patience and energy. Despite my busy schedule, the training is always refreshing. And above all, relaxing … Haris, thank you.  


Rok Pirnat Živec

Regular education on a professional and on a personal level is an important part of a well-done trainer’s work. Haris has regularly educated himself at the time when we were working together. Now we only work together occasionally, but every time we meet, we have a discussion on some innovations in the fitness or nutritional field. As a trainer, he obviously represents a big competition for me. But because of his professional attitude, I respect him and present him as a trainer, worthy of your trust …

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