Guarantee of success


People make lots of promises and as they say, it’s easy to just make them. But I stand by my words and actions. When you start training with me and you follow my advice, I offer you a 30-day money back guarantee in case I don’t deliver on my promises and your expectations. It’s very simple: you get a full refund.

30-day money back guarantee

Most trainers offer very good training prices to help them gain customers. In the beginning of my career I also worked for a very low price. You have to start somewhere. And believe me – back then my training really wasn’t worth much more.

Today, several years later, when I’ve gained (and am still diligently gaining) a lot of new knowledge and experience in the field of training and diet, my services are also worth more.

But my prices are still low. Surely you’ve heard of the slogan of one of the supermarkets: “The best ratio between quality and price.” Well, that’s me!

If what you are looking for in a trainer are good results and not just cheers and counting repetitions, then I am the right choice.