The path to results

If you want a good result, you cannot go without a quality training program.
And there is no good program without testing. Here, of course, I am talking about a painless and a quick examination of motor skills as well as the measurement of body composition which will show the amount of muscle mass and body fat percentage.

At the beginning, I will be particularly interested to know whether you have any injuries from the past, what is your psycho-physical condition and what are your goals. We will also search for any muscle imbalances and thereby avoid injury.

Of course I will not forget to take into account your gender, age, scheduling, financial capabilities and last but not least, stress. During training, you have to enjoy yourself. That’s the secret to excellent results.

I will include all of this in the training program.

The offer of my services are summed up here in 4 points for you to better understand my work and make it easier for you to decide which program suits you best– one that will get you enviable results and at the same time won’t take too big a bite out of your wallet.

1. Beginner.

Do you train at home and also at the fitness center or do you simply like to train alone, but would still like to train with a perfect technique, the correct sequence of exercises and have a training program that will contain all the relevant exercises and where every workout will be recorded? I recommend the consulting-educational hour with the program of a training session that lasts 75-90 minutes and costs only € 50.

2. Individual.

Here we will focus exclusively on you and adjust your training according to your timetable and also your psycho-physical and financial capabilities. I will explain why certain exercises are really important, and teach you proper techniques. I will motivate you to give more than you ever thought possible. I might even slow you down if you are prone to overdoing it. Believe me that the results will follow. The workouts last 45-90 minutes and together we will agree on the best time of the meeting. If you are an absolute beginner, it is almost mandatory that you start to train in such a way. Only than can we ensure a rapid progress. The price is proportional to the length of the training (30-40 €). I offer a 10% discount if you buy a 10 pack of training sessions, Therefore I reward diligence: the more you train, the more discount you have.

    3. Pair/group training (2-3 exercisers).

    My clients’ most popular program. Let me first reassure you: This is not the boot camp type of training, which is lately being offered by everyone, and no, we will not play dodgeball. The method of training is the same as with the individual approach: each has its own program that is independent from the others in the group. You do not need to have any contact with the rest of the exercisers if you do not want to. This program is not intended for beginners, but for those who master the exercises, train regularly and only need a trainer for coordination that will ensure a progress. Such an approach is also financially very favorable! The price of a training session is € 20. If you train 2 times a week, you get a 10% discount and for 3 times a week, a 20% discount.

      4. Online training.

      If you’re not from Ljubljana, but still want to train with me, this is the logical and right choice. Monthly package costs only € 50.